Welcome to Evidence Based Wyoming's legislature analysis tool.

The presented here is a the culmination of a decades worth of research and software development to gain insight into how our legislature works and how individual legislators votes.

To use the tool start by picking a year and then choosing one of the tools to see the data behind the function of Wyoming legislature.

After picking a year if you don't see a menu on the left side of the page, use the hamburger button () on the top of the screen to expand the tool menu.

The analysis tool has several reports of interest:

  • The Transparency Tool: This tool shows how transparent the legislature is and how much our legislators do without being 'on-record' where votes can find out about it.
  • The Critical Defections Tool: This tool shows which legislators voted against their own party causing the their party to lose a vote.
  • Score bills:This tool gives you a way to select bills and score each legislator if the voted in agreement with the user judgment.
  • Rankings:This tool generate a liberal and conservative ranking of every legislator based on their voting record for the entire year.
  • Detail Analysis:This tool lets the user do a deep dive on all the roll call votes cast by any legislator.

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